Cruising with iBoattrack

Beginning Friday, May 18, the C2B Race has been developed to give every sailing enthusiast, from the diehard racer to the family crewed adventurers, a chance to participate in a 777 nautical mile challenge of navigational skill and true bluewater sailing.

Cruising with iBoattrack

Postby jim » Tue May 22, 2007 9:21 am

Clark has a wonderful deal for all you iBoattrack afficionados! Have you favorite sailor keep the tracker aboard for the rest of the cruising season. It is only $50 a month, your sailor will spend more than that on rum. Then you will know where he/she is. On that cruising site you can see what harbor the boat is anchored in, depth soundings and all, and with the Google Earth part you can see everything in satellite and aerial photos.
Ol' Purvis there whose name is on the discussion board and Chief Sci somehow get you the whole world on your desktop. Send Clark a message.....
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