Race is over

Beginning Friday, May 18, the C2B Race has been developed to give every sailing enthusiast, from the diehard racer to the family crewed adventurers, a chance to participate in a 777 nautical mile challenge of navigational skill and true bluewater sailing.

Race is over

Postby Captain's wife » Sun May 27, 2007 2:44 am

Update to family and friends:

Glen called last night to say they were on dry land (Bermuda) and were fine but "beat up". He said the seas were rough when the wind finally picked up, and they had to do "a lot of makeshift repairs" on the trip. At first, I asked what type of repairs, but then I said, "Never mind. Tell me when you're back." I didn't want to know what all "broke" until he's back here, so I can't know what else to worry about. They did turn on the motors Thurs. in order to get to Bermuda in time to come back here for work by next Fri. It's a shame they didn't get to stay long and see things. They left tonight (Sat.) around 11:30 pm EDT, after the closing ceremonies. His phone message said it looks like mild conditions and a pretty easy ride on the way back. The boat holds about 2 days worth of diesel fuel, if they need to motor any. He signed up for the tracking service for the return trip, so you will still be able to see where they are.

One of the original crew (David Ellis) will return with him. The other 4 are flying back (for work). Two new guys are flying in to Bermuda to sail back. They are friends of Ric Smith at University Yacht Club on Lake Lanier. Hopefully, they will be refreshed, and can give the "old salts" a little rest for awhile.

The torn sail (and lack of wind) seemed to be the biggest problem, since they had been 2nd across the starting line. They still had fun, though, and ate well (thanks to Liz "Martha Stewart" and Henry, who precooked and froze meals for them to microwave).

Please pray for a safe, healthy, uneventful but FUN return trip. They so deserve it!!!

Thanks for caring,

Captain's wife
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