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Welcome to iBoatTrack

Our service is designed to allow friends and family of voyagers to follow along anywhere in the world.
Please explore our new website, we have had fun putting it together and hope you have as much fun browsing it!
We always look forward to adding new vessels to our list of friends, come join us, and have the fun of hearing that your family loves being able to see where you are and where you have been on your voyages.

Fair Winds,
Your iBoatTrack team



We are committed to providing cruising vessels with offshore connectivity anywhere in the world and to facilitate friends and family being able to follow along on your voyages.

We started out by putting tracking devices on friends boats to test our tracking hardware which we needed for another business – tracking ocean currents.

The Marion to Bermuda Race in 2001 was the beginning of iBoatTrack, and we tracked a number of other races in those early years.   In 2007 the cruising program started as a side-note to the races and we started to collect the voyage data so that past voyages could be viewed.  This allowed friends and family to follow along, eventually, we settled on focusing on helping cruising vessels who wanted tracking for longer than a week at a time.

In 2014 iBoatTrack was sold to Clark Gee, a long time manager and champion of the service. Subsequently, the original business of tracking ocean currents was sold as well to a bigger fish, but iBoatTrack is thriving with Marion, Massachusetts as it’s home port.  We are passionate about providing tracking to our members and are ready to increase our memberships so that more people can enjoy, vicariously, their own dream voyages.  Now that we use Google Earth mapping as our background, users can zoom right down to the dock level to see where their favorite boats are!

Please contact us here if you have any questions or suggestions.  We are always interested to hear from our friends.