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iBoatTrack Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in our iBoatTrack Membership.  We are committed to providing cruising vessels with offshore connectivity anywhere in the world and to facilitate friends and family being able to follow along on your voyages. We pride ourselves on giving personal attention to every member.

Buy an iBoatTrack GO! unit and membership subscription from us and we will provide World-wide connectivity with:
WiFi Hotspot for up to five (5) devices within 100′ of your vessel   PDF:iBoatTrack GO!

   > 150 Minutes talk time per month using your iPhone or Android
   > Unlimited Email access – text based
   > Unlimited SMS Text messaging
   > Ability to download weather GRIB files
   > SOS Alert Button
   > GPS positions on our website (every 5 minutes to once a day at your discretion)

If you already have an Iridium GO! unit installed on your vessel, then you are all set to be tracked.  All we have to do is exchange some information about your SIM card and update a setting in your device.  The positions will get transmitted using your data plan, so fees may apply, and your monthly cost for our Voyage Tracking Membership is only $50. Try us out for a week for FREE!  That’s right, FREE – We know you’ll love it and want to stay on-board so your friends and family can follow your dream adventures!
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If you want us to provide you with a device that does not need power from your vessel, we can do that, too! Our device is self-powered and all you have to do is mount it on your vessel with a clear view to the sky.  When your voyage is over, you mail our device back to us.  This unit is a fully-waterproof, cylindrical hull which measures 4” x 18” and weighs about ten pounds.  Membership for this service has a $150 one-time setup fee and is $50 per month.  Free shipping in the continental US.
(There is also a $700 fee if the unit is damaged or if it is not returned to iBoatTrack’s office in Marion)
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