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Happy Voyagers

“The key benefit the service iBoatTrack provides is reliable information in real time to family and friends about our location at sea and that we are safe!

We have been using the Tracker for the past 7 years. It has functioned reliably from Turkey in the east to New Zealand in the west, including both trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific passages. Maintenance requirements are minimal, but if technical support is required it is just an email away.

I wouldn’t go to sea without ensuring that family can follow my yachts movements 24/7 thanks to the iBoatTrack service.”

John O'Connor

Turkey to New Zeland, SV/Sapphire

“As long time users of the iBoatTrack system, we have found it to be incredibly helpful to those left behind to “live vicariously” watching the boat move around the world.

Family who are concerned about the safety and location of their loved ones aboard have expressed their delight in being able to “check in” at any time to see where the boat is in relation to weather systems, etc.

We’ve found it useful even “close in” when awaiting pick-up or trying to find the boat in an anchorage; it is that accurate that we can find an exact slip or find the boat in a crowded anchorage.

The system has been very accurate across the East Coast of the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America and across the Pacific to New Zealand with nary a hitch.”

Rona Garm

Global Voyage, Cape Fear Yacht Works

“We are often pleasantly surprised to find so many friends who follow our travels on iBoatTrack. Even people that we think would not have heard of it. And with no work on our part. The equipment and communication just keep functioning.”

James Feeney

MV, Kathleen

“The iBoatTrack service lends an added level of safety to the operation of our sail training vessel, especially when sailing offshore. Our exact location is known 24/7 regardless of our area of operation, and the school and students’ families can see where the vessel is at all times. In an emergency, rescue assets could locate us and render assistance in a minimal amount of time. This is a crucial and necessary piece of equipment, and we have had it aboard for many years.”

Captain James Geil

Master, TABOR BOY; Director TABOR BOY Programs and Vessel Operations, Tabor Academy